This is an incomplete list of known setter pseudonyms/aliases, a list of newspapers and publications for which they set, and, if known, their real names.

Setters Edit

Pseudonym(s) Real name Other info
Aardvark (Financial Times), Osmosis (Telegraph Toughie), Scorpion (Independent) Mike Warburton

Adamant (Guardian)

Not a current Guardian setter

Alberich (Financial Times), Klingsor (Independent)

Neil Shepherd Free crosswords online at
Anax (Independent), Loroso (Financial Times), Elkamere (Telegraph Toughie) Dean Mayer Also sets anonymously for The Times and under own name for The Sunday Times
Arachne (Guardian), Rosa Klebb (Financial Times) Sarah Hayes
Araucaria (Guardian), Cinephile (Financial Times) The Reverend John Galbraith Graham MBE Died 26 November 2013. Also set for 1 Across magazine
Armonie (Financial Times), Chifonie (Guardian) John Dawson
Audreus (Guardian), Mutt (Financial Times) Audrey Young Mother of John Young (Shed, Dogberry)
Auster (Guardian) Shirley O'Brien Died 12 July 2011
Azed (Azed in The Observer) Jonathan Crowther
Bannsider (Independent), Aragon (Listener) Richard Rogan The Times crossword editor
Bradman (Financial Times), Giovanni (Telegraph Toughie), Pasquale (Guardian), Quixote (Independent), Duck (Listener) Don Manley Also sets for The Times
Brendan (Guardian), Virgilius (Independent) Brian Greer Also sets for The Times and The Sunday Telegraph
Brummie (Guardian), Cyclops (Private Eye) Eddie James
Busman: see Doc
Chifonie: see Armonie.
Cincinnus (Financial Times), Orlando (Guardian) Michael Curl
Cinephile: see Araucaria.
Crux (Financial Times) Colin Garside
Cyclops: see Brummie.
Dac (Independent), Smokey (Listener) Graham Crossland Also sets for The Times
Dada: see Mudd
Dante (Financial Times), Rufus (Guardian) Roger Squires Also sets for The Daily Telegraph
Doc (Spectator), Busman (Telegraph Toughie), Gozo (Financial Times), Maskarade (Guardian) Tom Johnson Also sets as Didymus in Prospectmagazine and anonymously in Sunday Times general knowledge crossword series
Dogberry (Financial Times), Shed (Guardian) John Young Son of Audrey Young (Audreus)
Donk (Independent), Screw (Guardian) Dave Warder
Dutch (Independent) Richard Pauptit
Eimi (Independent) Mike Hutchinson Independent crossword editor
Elkamere: see Anax
Enigmatist (Guardian), Nimrod (Independent), Io (Financial Times), Elgar (Telegraph Toughie) John Henderson
Everyman (Observer), Antico (Oldie), Columba (Spectator) Colin Gumbrell
Falcon (Financial Times), Ascot (Spectator) Allan Scott Also sets for The Daily Telegraph, The Observer and The Times
Firefly: see Glow-worm
Flimsy (Financial Times), Nitsy (Independent) Anthony Plumb Also sets for The Daily Telegraph
Giovanni: see Bradman
Glow-worm (Guardian, Listener), Firefly (Telegraph Toughie) Geoff Oxley
Gordius (Guardian) David Moseley
Goujeers (Significance, Listener) Meic Goodyear
Gozo: see Doc
Gridman (The Hindu) C. G. Rishikesh The Hindu is India's national newspaper. It has been publishing original cryptic crosswords every weekday since the 1970s.
Highlander (Financial Times)
Hoskins (Independent), Talos (Times Literary Supplement), Ned (Sunday Herald) David McLean Also sets for The Sunday Times and The Church Times. Website:
Hypnos (Independent), Shamus (Telegraph Toughie), Sleuth (Financial Times) Philip Marlow
Io: see Enigmatist.
Jambazi: see Tramp
Janus (Guardian)
Jason (Financial Times), Auctor (Listener) Paul McKenna
Kcit: see Phi
Kea (Listener), Nestor (Independent), Notabilis (Telegraph Toughie) Roger Phillips Also sets for The Times
Knut (Independent, Blizzard), Julius (Financial Times), Magnus (TES), Hudson (Telegraph Toughie) Rob Jacques
Logodaedalus (Guardian) Don Putnam
Loroso: see Anax
Maskarade: see Doc
Mass (Independent, Listener)
Math (Independent)
Merlin (Independent, Listener), Messinae (Telegraph Toughie) Richard Palmer Also sets for The Daily Telegraph
Messinae: see Merlin
Monk (Independent, Financial Times, Listener), Sparks (Telegraph Toughie) Mark Kelmanson Also sets for The Times
Moodim (Financial Times)
Mordred (Independent, Listener) Derrick Knight
Morph (Independent), Micawber (Telegraph Toughie) Mick Hodgkin michod at Fifteensquared
Mr Magoo (Magpie) Mark Goodliffe Has won the Times Crossword Championship ten times
Mudd (Financial Times), Dada (Telegraph Toughie), Paul (Guardian), Punk (Independent) John Halpern Also sets for The Times
Mutt: see Audreus.
Ned: see Hoskins
Neo (Financial Times), Tees (Independent) Paul Bringloe
Nestor: see Kea.
Nimrod: see Enigmatist.
Notabilis: see Kea
Orense (Financial Times) Jeremy Mutch Also sets for The Daily Telegraph
Orlando: see Cincinnus. Also sets for The Times
Osmosis: see Aardvark
Pasquale: see Bradman.
Paul: see Mudd.
Phi (Independent, Listener, Inquisitor), Kcit (Telegraph Toughie) Paul Henderson Also sets Beelzebub (q.v.)
Puck (Guardian)
Punk: see Mudd.
Qaos (Guardian) John Tabraham
Quixote: see Bradman.
Radian (Independent) Also sets for The Daily Mail
Rorschach (Independent) Jon Mackenzie
Rover (Guardian) Ian Morgan Died in 2010
Rufus: see Dante.
Satori (Financial Times), Taupi (Guardian) Albie Fiore Died in 2009
Scorpion: see Aardvark.
Shamus: see Hypnos
Shed: see Dogberry.
Sleuth: see Hypnos.
Sparks: see Monk
Talos: see Hoskins.
Taupi: see Satori.
Tees: see Neo.
Tramp (Guardian), Jambazi (Independent) Neil Walker
Viking (Financial Times, Listener) Derek Arthur
Virgilius: see Brendan.